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Tom Tancredo and surrogates for other presidential campaigns spoke to a state group's annual meeting last night.

Republican presidential hopeful John McCain said yesterday younger generations will suffer if politicians don't curb spending in Washington .

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said yesterday he could have been a contender, but has no regrets about skipping the race for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008.

WE HAVE been listening closely to the various presidential candidates to see how they view the relationship between Washington and the states. It might sound like an arcane issue, but it is of fundamental importance.

NH named in lawsuit over computerized ballot voting

New Hampshire is among 10 states named in a federal lawsuit attempting to prevent the use of computerized balloting in the 2008 primary and general elections.

We the People Congress Inc., included New Hampshire Secretary of State William Gardner among those named in the suit, filed in New York. The group is challenging the use of computer voting systems, many of which do not provide a paper trail voters can check for accuracy. The group wants paper restored to the voting system as well as a transparent vote-counting system.

Besides New Hampshire, the suit names Iowa, Florida, South Carolina, Ohio, California, New York, Oregon, Texas and Illinois.

Doug Bershaw, of Richmond, N.H. is among the plaintiffs, one of whom lives in each state named as a defendant. He said New Hampshire's vote-counting procedures, which rely primarily on optical scanners, rank among the best in the nation, but he said that to get a true hand count in the state, a candidate has to request a recount.

"We have questions and we want a court to decide them," Bershaw said. "If a court finds our system is as open and verifiable as can be, we're fine with that."


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Too little too late. This kind of lawsuit is spurious in its timing. It is inflammatory and detrimental to the good conduct of elections and theconfidence of voters in the named states. He has had more than 4 years to lodge this kind of complaint and it smacks of partisanship-at-any-cost. I worked as an elections administrator for the better part of a decade and all voting systems have the same flaw - they are made for honest people. I grew up in NH and now live in Texas. Both states have reasonably good records of voting and management of voting procedures. This is not football where you grab a bunch of people and sort out the one carrying the ball. This is a critical democratic function - voting- and care needs to be taken in addressing required improvements. Optical scan voting leaves a paper trail for recounts - even if it, too, given "not honest people" can be tainted. As I said - all systems are designed for honest people. The same is true for legal systems. They are designed for responsible complaints and appropriate action. This complaint, at this time is not responsible. CRB
- Cliff, San Antonio, TX